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VOLUME (3CD Box Set)

The Three Johns – Leeds original Death Rockers! – JOHN HYATT, JON LANGFORD and JOHN “BRENNY” BRENNAN release their entire back catalog from 1982-1987 on CD for the first time. VOLUME is a 3 CD boxed set of all the singles, B-sides, 12 inch bonus tracks and the ATOM DRUM BOP and WORLD BY STORM albums in their complete original form. Digitally re-mastered by guitarist JON LANGFORD it contains over 50 art-metal disco classics including previously un-released tracks from the mid-80s when the JOHNS ruled the roost on the post-punk indie circuit in the UK, Europe and the USA.

This definitive collection reveals the band at their creative peak, featuring raucous drum machine driven anthems like DEATH OF THE EUROPEAN, MEN LIKE MONKEYS, AWOL and NEVER AND ALWAYS (their 1987 collaboration with producer Adrian Sherwood). The box includes an exclusive THREE JOHNS fanzine called GET SEXY 2 created by James Brown of Loaded and NME fame.

‘Like A Gang of Four reared on Groucho, Chico and Harpo as much as Karl.” - Simon Reynolds, NME 1986

“They're my favorite new Brits in years.” - Robert Christgau, Village Voice 1984

Available from The Three Johns Bandcamp Store

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