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John Peel 10/08/1982
Pink Headed Bug
Lucy In The rain
Heads Like Convicts
No Place
You'll Never Walk Alone
John Peel 09/03/1983
Marx's Wife
Men Like Monkeys
Sad House
John Peel 07/11/1983
Sun Of Mud
The Day Industry Decided To Stop
A Public Song For A Friend Under Suspicion Of Fire Bombing A Private Shop
Poo-Poo-Poodle Bourgeois / Mouths To Feed
Janice Long 11/12/1983
Teenage Nightingales
Lucy In The rain
Kick The Dog
John Peel 30/04/1984
Teenage Nightingales
3 Junk
John Peel 23/07/1985
Demon Drink
Coals To Newcastle
King Car
Third World War
John Peel 02/03/1987
Key Largo
The Book Of The Dead
Never And Always
Marc Riley 15/06/2006
Death of The European
Lucy in The rain
Marc Riley 08/05/2012
Death of The European
Coals To Newcastle
Secret Agent
The World of the Workers is Wild
Marc Riley 06/08/2015
3 Junk
Do Not Cross The Line
The Devil's Music
Marc Riley 02/02/2017
Hippy Girl
Fragile Skin
Face on Mars