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Black Heart

Milk stain on your collar
Call yourself punk, punk
And Robeson sang to general strikers
Wagner and Mayakovsy didn't need those amplifiers
Hmm... those boys cooked without electricity
Know what I mean Mr. Practicality?
Mr. Stoppage? Mr. Insertongueupthebossesrear
You said a mouthful of fear and you made a sound like a mouthful of pride
You said a headful of fear a brain reminiscent of that milk stain mentioned earlier
Can you get me a voice like Vincent Price in a barrel of molasses
Thanks, wrap, that up, I'll eat it later
Like a blind main cans an ice cream
Like a deaf man who fates loudly in a crowded bar
Got it all over his face like a child
Shameless Didn't know any better
Like I was faithfully yours a black heart beating out the dark

Skeleton Man

Skeleton man feels like death cell monkey man he say,
'Give us this day a donkey skin to wrap me in.'
In the wheatie-flake boom, sling,
shot from a midget to a giant
Uh huh, your England just spill it over my dog's head! Skeleton man,

There’s a one-eyed god on high
He's blinking that eye
Takes in the measures now of men
Winking I. Winking B. Winking M
Sling-shot from a midge to a giant
Uh huh, your England!' Just spill it over my dogs head. Skeleton man,

You're looking up at the bottom
In an oxygen sea the horse head filled with eels tells the public how it feels
Sling-shot from a midget to a giant
Uh huh! the green cliffs over Dover
It’s time to spill it over
When Elizabeth eats her, babies now

Eat Your Sons

Albert the pintpot explains relativity with trainsets and planets and atoms and ether and how in the end everything's politics. He says, "Have you met my relatives, You wouldn't like them either."

An ape will wear my clothes
A bird will parrot out my words
A dolphin plays my games and my baby acts monkeyish
The horse is in the stable and he's talking perfect sense
on the essential stench of manhood and dosing up the dead
Play the fool don't be the fool
All the old boys are going m eat their sons now
Ulysses cast out you, net
Amerigo Vespucius cast out your net'
Hey, Hythloday cast out your net
Plato boy, cast out you, net
The pig is in the parlour
Scylia's harpies dance them
They're dancing on the irony board
Play the fool don’t be the fool!
Pull down the eyelids blind
All the old boys are going to eat their sons now

Key Largo

My love, don't sleep so tight
The stars will comb the sky
I’ll watch you through the night
Big dreams Small people. Call it oversight
All the dangerous people, they're a million miles may
That's a line in exaggeration for something I need to say
All the past is history and Men Like Monkeys was the song,
And this couldn't he wiped cut by a nuclear bomb
Then you stand up like a mountain
My thoughts are washed away
Seconds pass but who's counting?
There's no need to rhyme with mountain
It's an idea
A strength Large feeling Small person in a wind
A wind that's blowing


This is the voice of Champagne, Anarchy, Populism, and Chaos
It's not good enough being good,
These am the words of wise and a technological dream come bad and come tom
Tear down the monuments of the metamorphosis business The town hall clock face cop is huffin’ an' puffin on my rail and I'm losing all of my patience
I'm going to give the whole world a big line of ice and watch the cracks appear in the serpentine eggshell head, for science
In an instant I’ll travel the length and breadth of time jaw with Saturn up on the bridge to a new age, bear his silent scream as I stretch him and fold him like so much dough. I live in a boarding kennel called The Great between It's wallpapered with flowers and I pass hours writing letters home 'Dear John, I have been delivered'. I'm in Smashtime! I can smell the round of rich men They're grinding the camel down, Down to a powder so fine They're Bring that powder I that used-be-camel round a 56km Particle accelerator (Aside: stright through the eye of a needle) and its putting it back together again I'm in Smashtime
At the moment it comes nut like reconstituted potato but in time it'll be the ship that carries me out of this whole desert of freedom
I'm in Smashtime
Then I'm going to punch the clock-watchers one mile and push them one mile more than they ask me
All the way up to the head of the Ole River Mississippi. I'm in Smashtime!
I'm halfway into, between the double and the bone, between going on and stopping at the now
Between the cradle and the hole, I'm invented myself a Time-Gun
I'm in Smashtime
These am thoughts I Chairman John Hyatt on a bus to Sheffield sometime in the no future with my Inside out and my outside in in a beehive of possibilities. Make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands now! Y'hear?


Sometime we can be together sometime
Just step through that mirror sometime
And your dreams are being pushed up through your veins

Here we go again to the nearest bar
Here we go again down the economic slide
Listen to the yells of Islam
“He’s pitched this one too far”
It’s that old cut and death again, baby
When Wall Street’s crashing one more time down the slide

Sometimes we can be together sometime
Just step through that mirror sometime
And your dreams are being pushed up through your brain

You’ve got Hanoi on your hands
And Saigon on your breath
And your eyes are rolling like thunder
“This body’s not for sale”
And the drugs explode like xmas decorations sometime
And more people believe in Santa than Ronald Reagan sometime

Sometime we can be together sometime
Just step through that mirror sometime
And your dreams are being pushed up through your veins

And the grill drops down on Buddy Holly’s smile
I wonder would you be bothered, Buddy, if you knew?
In your blue tuxedo suit you took my breath away


I hear your voice far away and coming near
Feels I’m living in Doppler’s ear
It’s nothing I don’t expect to hear
That’s double negative or doppel again, I fear

Toleration darling
Toleration dear
Toleration darling
I’m sure it’s the same for you tolerationwise

(Don’t suffer fools lightly, darling)
This seems random but maybe there’s hidden order
Maybe this dissection don’t mean murder
Father mother father mother dearer father
Can’t explain this either

Book of The Dead

And then went down the death of language
We went down full-sail with a belly full of wind
We came to the place where the thunderbird flowed backwards
And we sucked the arrow right out of the target

The ditch we dig yawns from there to here
The candle sniggers then it dies
In the sunken wreck that is my head
Span the spirits of the dead
I was up to my ears
I was right up to my ears
That’s what Terry said

All the capitals burning
Down below things are churning
With a violent yell all sense erupting
I can hear the wall is crumbling
All the ghosts are looming up
“Someone’s coming up” they said
The red carpet of my face
They rolled the pearls from behind my eyes
In the book of the dead
That’s what Terry said

And then Terry came up
We gave him a sup from the cup
Of the blood from the sheep
In the book of the dead
That’s what Terry said
We forged ahead

Chin-wagging with a headless face
A sunken singer takes flight
In the middle of a sleepless night
They’ll heap my words up upon my resting place
That’s what Terry said
We forged ahead

I talked with a man with honey on his tongue
I talked with a man with larceny in his heart
He said “the concrete is the acting”
He said “the abstract is that what acts
And science is a snapshot taken through a shroud of facts

Jason's Dream

What would you say if you woke up on the wrong side of Jason’s dream?
I’d say “myself I’m 90% saleable water in my head from ear-to-ear
Little electric flashes speak and spark and all brain power relies on that duopoly”
I’d say “I guess I’m just one of the privileged few
I’m giving out gas here
Here’s your share
Here’s some for you
Hey, now you’re privileged too”
I’d say “I’d like you to keep my world in mind cause my world has a grand design
Sell yourself two times to it right back at you
My world’s going to make love to it”
I’d say “I woke up this morning and everything looked like it had gone green
It had to be screened and irradiated clean like Jason’s dream it’s as real as the real thing”
I’d say “I was a prisoner of the future planet Zanussi
I like my potato powdered
It’s tasty tasty very very tasty”
I’d say “Look sucker here’s my corporeal I.D.”

Thunder and Rum

Oh, no more tarpaulins and monkey jackets for me
I’m going to mount a swallowtail
I’m going to drive down to Detroit
Hello, whoo! Man goes overboard
Ooo lord I said “Um um stop the thunder”
Plenty too much up here
What’s the use of thunder?
Zip zip, here’s the lightning
Lightning my old friend
All my compasses are going haywire
I don’t need all this brain-power
I want rum
I don’t want thunder
We want rum
Give us a glass of rum
Intervals go round and round
Notice in the swirling ground
Zip zip, here’s the lightning
What are The Three Johns without lightning?
The very thought is frightening
Doe’s the pope poo in the wood?
Sure he does
He don’t want thunder
He wants rum
Give him a glass of rum
It’s a nasty nightlife
See the gale?
Ships toss shuttlecocks to the blast
When rum is in the man is out
I said I was thunderstruck
I was galvanised to my seat
Violence shocking
All y compasses are interlocking
Midnight iron law
Stops my thunder

Desire For Chaos

We had a sophisticated desire for chaos and no-one stands in judgement for us
We’d seen the view
We realised we could never go back from the rock
Never unsee what has been seen
Never undo what will have been done
From our view from the rock in our minds we gets a shot of the view from the rock
We get a shot of the view

Beat it on a Rock

This is song used to advertise toothpaste in 1997!
This is song of the snake
This the thick shall inherit the earth song
This is the song of the four freedoms
List them
Freedom of speech
Freedom of worship
Freedom from want
And freedom from fear
But this is ersatz culture
This song is called Deirdre C119
This is actions speak louder than words can express dance type song
This is fourteen men on a dead man’s chest song
This is if all are good then who is best song
If he ties his body to the mast and his feet on the chest like anchors rest and he gazes into the sunset west and his body slumps into lifelessness
His hungry mind starts to digest a hideous song of facts undressed
With a hundred beaks pecks the flock
If he hopes to reach my dry dock
If he picks up the town hall clock
Beat it on a rock
He beats it on the rock
“Devil take you, mates, I couldn’t care less
Nothing sucks more than success”
This is Homo sapiens’ bungalow song
If you know the answer just press
But, if you fail the IQ test
If your head is a mental block
You’re unprepared for future shock
This is they’ll pick you up by the forelock
And beat it on a rock

InThe Hell and High

The skeletal hand of the fat-cat holds out the bleeding heart of care
“We’ve got a job for you, son, if you can do it”
“What’s that then, sir?”
“We need artists to whitewash the walls of history”

I’m burning monkeys for the miners
I’m eating uncooked meat
Talk in tongues of silence with concrete around me
I sing the ballad of the salty sea
Backed by heavens choir singing with a upper class voice

The waves are getting higher In the hell and high
In the feverish heat
In the hell and high

Queens P.M.s Presidents parading through time
Treading unremembered nameless heads down into the slime
I’ll beat you out your dying march on a tambourine of scales
I’ll stretch my skin out like bat wings and sail upon a whale

In the hell and high
In the feverish heat
In the hell and high

My head moans into a fever of hypocrisy and lies
The circles on the water grow like rings around my eyes
Old black midnight is falling
In British hammer style
They rub whiskey in my weals, force drinking camomile

In the hell and high
In the feverish heat
In the hell and high

This is the leg-room calling
Captain permission to dance on the burning deck?
Fire away, boys, boiler room… more steam
Cheers, chief! Right swabs, let’s start with the feet
Get tapping feet
Get moving to the mighty ocean beat
We’re movin’ boss, we’re movin’
Okay, hips, let’s see you swingin’

In the hell and high
In the feverish heat
In the hell and high

Blue rinsed old ladies push hate mail
They push it through my door
You say P is for poodle
I bark and crawl on all fours
My own life tale beats out
It struggles through the gale
I’ll stretch my skin out like bat wings and sail upon a whale

In the hell and high
In the feverish heat
In the hell and high

Hey, backbone are you lot listening
Yes! Then slip, baby, slip
I stretch my skin out like bat wings